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As a children's book author, it is important to me to introduce readers of all ages to the culture and history of my homeland, Bavaria. Most of my book projects consist of intensive research. This involves spending a considerable amount of time in the buildings, often working as a castle guide, in order to better understand the history and background of the castles. 


After my research, I always come back to the office with a large stack of notes, sketches and impressions and start writing straight away. This is usually easy for me, as the first ideas for the stories come to me in the castles.


When the content of a book is complete, I start drawing the pictures that accompany the text. Thanks to my family, I was born with an artistic talent, so I am happy to be able to use this potential for my children's books. 


Finally, the book is typeset and printed by me. 


When the book is finished, I visit primary schools and kindergartens and read to the children there.

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